In this category, there are legal issues related to the purchase and sale of cars of foreigns living in Turkey, the procedures to bring their vehicles to Turkey from abroad and the residence permit.

Real Estate and Real Estate Lawyer in Turkey
A lawyer, who is an important element of the trial phase, is a person who has experienced the legal process and has passed his education and carries out legal activities to protect and defend the legal rights of the persons he represents before the law. The lawyer provides the necessary legal assistance in order to...
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Residence Rights And Citizenship Procedures of Foreigners in Turkey
With the residence permit, which is a permit required by international law, it is ensured that possible negative situations are prevented by protecting public peace and order and that the foreign nationals in the country are determined and controlled. Residence permit is a status that every foreigner who has to stay in Turkey for more...
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Procedures for Foreigners to Open a Business in Turkey
Foreigners who want to open a business in Turkey must obtain a work permit from the Ministry of Labor and Social Security in accordance with Article 5 of the Regulation on Business and Work Licenses. It is not possible for foreigners who do not have a work permit obtained from the relevant ministry to open...
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Procedures for Foreigners in Turkey to Bring Vehicles from Their Own Country to Turkey
Turkey is a country that receives immigration due to tourism, education, investment and work, and also gives a large number of immigrants abroad. People coming to Turkey from abroad wonder whether it is possible to bring their vehicles to Turkey in the country they live in, and the legal procedure to be followed in the...
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Banking and Financial Transactions in Turkey
People who are not citizens of the Republic of Turkey have the title of foreigner. There are different legal regulations for foreigners and they are not subject to the same legislation as citizens of the Republic of Turkey. Opening a bank account is one of the most frequently asked questions by foreigners within the scope...
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Criminal Law and Criminal Lawyer in Turkey
With crime and punishment regulations, it is aimed for the society to live in safety and security. Criminal Law, in which crime and punishment regulations take place, is a very comprehensive branch of law in Turkey. Lawyers who specialize in criminal law and take part in proceedings and cases arising from criminal law are called...
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Health Services for Foreigners in Turkey
Persons living in Turkey; Both citizens of the Republic of Turkey and foreign nationals, can benefit from health services by having general health insurance or private health insurance. The general health insurance that foreigners can benefit within the scope of health services in Turkey is covered by the state, while private health insurance is the...
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Divorce Lawyer in Turkey
The family institution is the most important element that makes up the society. The family, which is the core of the society, is the institution regulated and protected by the legislator with the Turkish Civil Code and other laws. The legal procedure to be followed by the spouses when the family and marriage union is...
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