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In order to benefit from our Ask a Lawyer service, you can take the first step towards a solution by filling in the required fields in the comments section and forwarding any legal problem or question you may have to our expert lawyer staff.

Almost everyone needs a lawyer. People may have questions about divorce, property division, enforcement law, family law, IT law, commercial law, inheritance law and many more. At this point, with the help of Ask a Lawyer, it is ensured that the problems that the clients encounter or are likely to encounter in daily life are resolved. Clients in need of legal support are responded to as quickly as possible. With the Ask a Lawyer platform, no question is left unanswered.

During the process of obtaining the Ask a Lawyer service, clients are contacted via e-mail or telephone. In this way, all works and transactions regarding their questions and problems are followed meticulously. Questions asked through this platform are answered as soon as possible. In addition, the solution of the problems of the clients is tried to be fully realized. There are some points that those who want to ask questions during the Ask a Lawyer process should know. First of all, it is necessary to determine the subject and the title in the best way. The dispute that may cause a legal problem or lawsuit should be clearly explained. It should be stated in which branch of law the problem is in question. In addition, a brief and concise explanation should be given as much as possible. In order to get efficiency from the Ask a Lawyer section, the person’s name and surname, phone number and e-mail information must be entered correctly and completely.

Thanks to the Ask a Lawyer service, the legal questions and problems of the clients are resolved as soon as possible. Questions asked; It is answered by lawyers who want to develop their field of expertise. Clear, simple and concise questions should be asked in order to get efficiency from the Ask a Lawyer service. It is essential not to stray from the essence of the subject. Clear, short and clear questions; It will be good for both the person asking and the person answering. Making the subject detailed with long and unnecessary information will not only waste time, but also negatively affect the desired answer. It has been proven that better answers are given when simple questions are asked.

It is recommended that those who want to benefit from the Ask a Lawyer service should use the 5W1K method when asking questions. In other words, the questions of how, why, when, what, where and who should be answered clearly and unequivocally. In addition, attention should be paid to whether grammatical rules are followed when asking questions.

It is possible to ask many questions about the Labor Law. In addition to filing and following the notice, reemployment and severance cases, opening and following mobbing and malicious intent compensation cases, calculating annual leave and overtime wages, providing consultancy services on issues such as worker and workplace safety, protecting the rights of both employers and workers, With the application of consulting a lawyer about the protection of the rights of employees who are unable to work for various reasons, termination of employment contract for some reasons and many other issues, questions are asked to lawyers who are experts in this field.

With the Ask a Lawyer on WhatsApp service, clients can ask their questions to lawyers who are experts in their fields through WhatsApp. There are shortcuts for those who want to ask questions to the lawyer via WhatsApp. In particular, immediately after clicking the WhatsApp ask a question to the lawyer button on the site, you are directed to the WhatsApp number where the lawyers provide services. The WhatsApp application on the person’s phone will open. In this way, it will be possible for anyone who wants to ask questions as soon as possible.

Criminal law; It is one of the branches of law where clients have the most questions. Questions can be asked about many criminal cases that form the basis of criminal law. In addition to the criminal cases of peace, the clients are allowed to ask questions in matters such as Criminal Cases of First Instance, Military Criminal Cases, Heavy Penal Cases, Execution Criminal Cases, transactions arising from the complaint of checks and promissory notes, negotiation with the creditors.

Criminal lawyer; As everyone knows, he is the lawyer of people who are tried for a serious crime. Although there is no special category like criminal lawyer in the language of law, there are many lawyers who have developed themselves in this field. Criminal lawyers have a vital importance because they are the persons who are the ones who are tried in the criminal court of the people who are tried with any punishment. Ask a criminal lawyer service can be used to ask questions to criminal lawyers who can handle many cases and have knowledge of numerous legislations.

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